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Ramadan Duas

Blessed is the month of Ramadan. May Allah give us hidayah to supplicate as much as possible and get maximum benefits from this opportunity.¬† Essa Tech ¬†Point presents to you Ramadan Duas- helpful android application to take full benefit of the month of Ramadan. Get It Now Download your free copy now! App Details Ramadan Duas contains Arabic text, English translation, transliteration along with Arabic audio to help you understand, pronounce and learn the Duas in right way. Your Reviews:…

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Connecting Mobile App to Server Scripts Safely

Mobile developers often need to connect their mobile app to server, transferring data in and out. To make the app talk to server, we need something called script. Scripts help you execute the tasks required. One of the most common scripting language is PHP. This post cover details of PHP scripts but the rules can be extended over to other scripting languages as well. Web Services A web service is a means of communication between two devices over world-wide-web. We…

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