C languageMatrix Calculator is the first ever software developed by me several years ago. It is where I started from. Hope you like it.

Software Features

Matrix calculator features a user-friendly interface which enables students and professionals to perform various calculations on a matrix.
It features following operations:

  • Addition of 2 matrices
  • Subtraction of 2 matrices
  • Multiplication of 2 matrices
  • Transpose of a matrix
  • Inverse of a matrix
  • Determinant of a matrix
  • Scalar multiplication of a matrix
  • Adjoint of a matrix



At a time, user can enter 2 matrices A and B, which can contain rows and columns in the range 1 to 4 each.
It also features an instruction bar which gives instructions to the user at every step.
It uses mouse interface to ease the user.
It contains all error handling messages.

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