Essa Tech Point now brings you another enthralling app. We analysed your need of having TV schedule right in your palm, and worked hard to make it true.TV Guide PK is Pakistan’s first ever TV Listing mobile application!With TV Guide PK, not only you can view TV schedules, but also mark your favorites. These favorites go into what we called as “Watch List”.

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App Details


Application is divided into two major tabs:
TV Listing and
TV Listing gives updated schedules of all available channels. Watch List, where as, gives you your selected items only.

Within these tabs, all programs are placed separately in four categories:

  • Drama Serials
  • Soaps and Sitcoms
  • Shows
  • Cooking Shows
Each category is distinguished with a different color.


Clicking on a category, gives you listing of programs with important information like by date, channels and time. Use the arrows visible under the colored bar to move through dates. You can view schedule of one full week at a time.

Detailed View:

Detailed view opens by clicking a specific program. This view contains more information like fresh timings, repeat timings and cast. You also get to peak at its plot summary (so you can decide if you really want to watch the next episode ;)) The image associated lets you visualize the program as well. You get it all at one place!

Watch List:

Find out which program attracts you. Go ahead and a
dd it to watch list. What will that do? It will put your selected programs into a separate tab at the top. Now you know exactly what, when and where you wish to watch.


We also thought about a scenario where you simply forget your program’s timings. Watch List lets you set notifications to solve the problem.

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