First of all, allow me thank all our great users for making the application ‘Dua Safar’ a huge success. We work hard to present to you the best there can be! Due to the same reason, we have updated the app just as you wanted it to be. Here are some of your reviews and our changes in app version 2.0:

Dua Safar helps you Listen, Learn, Read, and Recite the authentic Islamic supplication of travel. In case you do not have it in you mobile yet, download your free copy from here.

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Some of your valuable reviews are given below:

Salam Alaikum
Happy Eid to you and your team.
When we open the app the option to go to the app directly & widget can be seen.Please remove this.Desogn the app in such a way tha when we open the app the full dua opens directly & there is no need to touch any where. One more thing, the last word in arabic text is missing please update the app.

Its very helpful.

This app (dua e safar) is great Alhumdulillah. .
But it will be greater if you could add the feature of reading the translation aloud after the dua.. just add the feature with option to enable it and disable it.. 🙂
Hope you don’t mind my suggestion. (We absolutely don’t sir. )

Alhamdulillah am very excited, I appreciate with this tremendous effort.

More Reviews:

We cannot thank you enough for your appreciation and support. Here are your Google play store reviews which gives us great pleasure.

App Updates:

Version 2.0 takes you directly to the Supplication view, instead of showing you options of adding a widget. You can still enjoy the widget on your home screen, without any difficulty. Simply add the Dua e Safar widget like any other widget. We have also modified the font to better suit your reading style.

Your comments are forever welcome.