According to the disability statistics report of 2010, 6.5 million peoples were reported to have a severe disability out of which 12.9% of the population had ambulatory disabilities (“ABA Disability”). To assist disabled persons in movement, engineers have long been trying to develop the perfect smart wheelchair.


Common mode of control in wheelchairs is a joystick. They are still non-advantageous to people with severe physical disabilities (such as loss of ability to control movement), and mobility disabilities (such as arthritis and osteoporosis). It is therefore very crucial to provide solution to those group of people according to their own personal requirements. Apart from having personalized features, another very important factor in the use of wheelchair is its cost. Financial constraints directly lead to poor quality of life, specially for people with disabilities.

Keeping these factors in mind, we undertook the project of creating low cost custom smart wheel chair for those who need it. Starting it as our final year project of bachelors of engineering program, the theme has highlighted an ignored area of underprivileged societies. 

Smart Wheel Chaird person through two modes of inputs. 

  • Joystick
  • Touch screen

Difference It Makes

image_previewUsing SWC, a person with disability no longer feels cut off from the world. His self confidence is revived as he starts to feel independent and free again.

All this for a reduced cost.





SWC offers some useful built-in functions. Including:

  • Flexible choice of navigation
  • Soft start
  • Relaxed breaking
  • Easy steering and reversing

Production at a glance

Take a look at how we worked to build the project to its completion.


Where will it be used?

A man who feared his dreams would be shattered by disability has won a place to study at London South Bank University in September. Learning and growing has no limits!

British Open Wheelchair Championship

A number of different uses have been recognized for this product. Major purpose intended is daily routine use by concerned persons. Some other areas of need includes:

  • ™Medical training camps
  • ™In house of special children
  • ™Paralympics
  • ™Health service facilities

More advancements to follow

We believe in creating a customized product suiting personality and need of its owner. This motorized smart wheelchair is ready to incorporate plenty of amazing capibilities such as:

  • control via voice command
  • control via head movement
  • control via eye gaze and blink detection
  • GPS Tracking (my favorite)


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Some hands play essential role in making impossible possible. I take pleasure in thanking my group for their forever support and outstanding expertise. Thank you 🙂

Erma Ejaz

Fatima Ahmed

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”


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