Remember your Lord with humility and fear.

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Indeed, all praise and thanks are due to Allah. We praise Him, seek His help and His forgiveness.

The Messenger of Allah used to recite Dua e Qunoot during Salat al-Fajr, Witr and sometimes during other prayers throughout the year.

This app helps you read the text of the supplication as well as facilitates you in listening to the Dua e Qunoot. It also contains English Translation and Transliteration.

It has been narrated in Abu Dawud that the Messenger of Allah used to recite al-Qunoot whenever a major difficulty or disaster befell the Muslims. Why not follow this Sunnah of our beloved Prophet and learn the Dua (Supplication).


Read and learn the two most authentic versions of Dua Qunoot here.

App Features

This app lets your listen to two authentic supplications from Hadith. You can read the text in Arabic, or English. It also gives you the virtues of Dua e Qunoot. Do let us know how we can improve it further by contacting us here.
Peace 🙂